2016/17 Offer


Working Examples



PMH Subsidy

Primary Education
1-2 term WCIT
2 classes each receiving 1 terms WCIT
1 Class receiving 1 term WCIT followed by 1 term of small group teaching.
If any additional hours or an additional term are required – please see below.
2 term offer must be 2 chronological terms.
£310 per term 11%
Primary Education
3 term WCIT
3 classes each receiving 1 terms WCIT
2 classes each receiving 1 terms WCIT followed by 1 term of small group teaching 1 Class receiving 1 term WCIT followed by 2 terms of small group teaching.
Must be 3 chronological terms, not 3 classes/hours during 1 term. £250 per term 29%
Additional WCIT /
Instrumental lessons
Classes receiving additional terms of WCIT
Additional hours of small group teaching
1 to 1 teaching.
This will not be managed by PMH but could continue with PMH Staff who taught your WCIT or other teachers recommended from the PMH Music Teachers Scheme. Private arrangement between instrumental teacher and the school. 0%
Secondary Education Whole class teaching as outlined above
Extracurricular large group ‘club’ receiving: WCIT style sessions / Small group sessions / Ensemble conducting (band, orchestra, chamber ensemble, choir).
We recognise the complexities of timetabling within secondary education and are keen to work closely with schools/academies to accommodate this. Please contact the Schools manager to discuss individual requirements. 1-2 terms = £310 per term
3 terms = £250 per term
(term = 10x1hr)
As above

Working Together

We view the relationship between the school/academy/college, PMH and the individual teacher, as a vital three-way partnership in the support and delivery of the highest quality music tuition for all pupils. We therefore expect all parties to take responsibility for maintaining an effective working relationship as detailed below:

The Music Hub

  • Provides administrative services for all parties, including invoicing and payments
  • Communicates efficiently with the school and peripatetic teacher
  • Deals with enquiries from schools, teachers and (where appropriate) parents/carers
  • Liaises with teachers and schools to resolve any issues raised

The Teacher

  • Is accountable to the head teacher whilst on school premises, and adheres to all school policies regarding health & safety, behaviour, emergency procedures, child protection and confidentiality
  • Provides a reliable, punctual service
  • Informs the school and the Co-operative of any reason for not being able to deliver lessons
  • Undertakes services for the school only under the auspices of or by agreement with PMH
  • Dresses appropriately
  • Communicates regularly with the school, working to resolve any difficulties
  • Supports, whenever possible, the general musical activities of the school
  • Provides teaching services to the highest possible professional standards

The School

  • Takes full responsibility for the health & safety of teachers whilst on school property
  • Makes it possible for pupils to attend lessons during the school day
  • Provides a suitable teaching room to include adequate space, heat, natural light, ventilation,
  • Ensures that all musical teaching equipment is in good working order
  • Provides teachers with information on relevant school policies and procedures, e.g. child protection, fire/emergency
  • Keeps teachers informed of any school closures, trips, teacher training days etc. which would prevent them from delivering lessons

To apply for WCIT, please return the expression of interest form and return to the PMH Schools Manager promptly.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the PMH Schools Manager. We look forward to working together successfully in providing pupils with an exciting opportunity to develop their full potential in music-making.