There are 50 x £150 bursaries available from Peterborough Music Hub for pupils wishing to continue their instrumental lessons (including those who have only previously received Whole Class Instrumental Lessons and Small Class lessons). The bursary is subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  • The pupil is showing commitment, talent, and strong progress on their instrument. This will be based on a short report from the instrumental teacher
  • The bursary is subject to evidence/confirmation by the school of the pupils financial need (e.g. Pupil Premium, Free School Meal, other more specific situations)
  • The school agrees to match the bursary awarded

The pupil will be automatically eligible to an annual renewal of the bursary subject to:

  • Adjustments to the bursary figure in line with funding available and cost rises in line with inflation
  • The schools continued agreement to match the bursary amount each year
  • Annual renewal of evidence/confirmation by the school of the pupil’s financial need
  • The pupil’s continuation of lessons. NB. If a pupil ceases to have lessons, they will no longer be eligible to a bursary at any point in the future
  • The pupil making satisfactory progress in their lessons. This will be based on a report from the teacher at the end of each academic year

The bursary can be utilised in 2 ways:

  1. The Hub will make the bursary payment to the school and the pupil has lessons with their current teacher at school as per the schools arrangements.
  2. Any additional payment required from the pupil to make up the cost of the lessons will also be organised by the school.
    • The school will make the payment of their matched bursary amount to the Hub and the pupil has their lessons at PCYM (Saturdays)
    • Pupils will have a 20minute one to one lesson with a suitable instrumental teacher (maybe their teacher if registered on the Music Teacher Scheme)
    • In addition they will attend the musicianship classes and singing groups without paying the PCYM fee for these activities
    • The cost of this to pupil, after bursary will be £50.10 per year. The school may wish to cover this amount in addition to the bursary match amount
    • When at a suitable standard, the pupil will be invited to join one of the PCYM ensembles in addition to their instrumental lesson, musicianship class and singing group. The cost of this will be £5 a week although further bursaries may be available to support this progression.

We believe the second option to be the more favourable of the 2 bursary options because:

  • Pupils will not miss any of their school curriculum time to attend their instrumental lessons
  • Pupils are gaining 2 extra sessions in addition to their instrumental lesson, giving them a broader musical education and the school more value for the money they have invested in the pupil.