Peterborough Music Hub (PMH) is a not-for-profit organisation, providing a wide range of instrumental and vocal tuition in the Peterborough area. Our teachers work in many local schools, as well as providing out-of-school tuition to both young people and adults.

Launched in April 2015, PMH’s music teacher scheme has 22 self-employed peripatetic music teachers, currently managed and
directed by PMH’s Schools manager, with administration handled by our office staff.

Our aim is to provide dynamic and high quality music teaching that encourages participation, achievement and pleasure in music by:

Developing every pupil’s musical potential according to his or her individual needs and aspirations
Raising the quality, breadth and provision of music in schools and the wider community.
Providing pathways for musical progression within schools

Pupils receiving whole class instrumental teaching through PMH will be able to continue learning their instrument in groups or
individually through the Peterborough Centre for Young musicians (PCYM) and Peterborough Youth Ensembles (PYE). Our teachers are proactive in recognising talent and potential in individuals and recommending relevant music groups and ensembles in the local area to maximise development and progression of these pupils.

PMH is committed to the principle of equal opportunities. This applies to recruitment, professional development, and teaching and learning. We are also committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and expect all members and staff to share this commitment.

Range of services

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

(NB all services subject to availability and demand)

  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
  • Woodwind (recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, Saxophone)
  • Brass (trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone, Euphonium, baritone, tenor horn, tuba)
  • Drums (drum kit, orchestral percussion, Samba, Djembe)
  • Keyboard (piano, electronic keyboard)
  • Guitar (acoustic, classical, electric, bass, Ukulele)
  • Voice (Popular, Music Theatre, Classical)

Large Group, Ensembles, Miscellaneous

  • School ensembles and choirs
  • Piano accompaniment for exams/performances
  • Music theory/Aural training
  • Composing / arranging

Ordering Services

For WICT, the school completes an application form* and chooses an ‘offer’ from PMH. PMH will then work closely with the school and the teacher to organise lesson allocation, Instrument provision, timetables, fees and remissions scheme. For all other teaching, the school contacts PMH who will advise them on suitable teachers from the Music Teacher Scheme. Invoices for services are issued prior to the start of each term with payment due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Charging Policy and Financial Assistance

PMH is a not-for-profit company and its charging policy reflects actual costs. The charging policy is reviewed annually by the PMH committee, taking into account the Musicians’ Union recommended hourly rates, and rates of other local providers. Schools will be notified of any changes of tuition fees; at least half a term’s notice will be given.

All schools have access to WCIT subsidy as outlined on the application. There may also be access to funding to provide bursaries for pupils who show skill, engagement and talent on an instrument and wish to continue having lessons but are not financially able to do so.

Forms can be downloaded here

Instruments and Lessons

PMH can support schools to loan or buy instruments for WCIT and individual lessons. Our staff can give advice on this matter and is continuing to offer instrumental hire at reasonable rates.

10 x 1 hour lessons are provided per academic term for each offer. Any additional lessons in the term allow for flexibility of both the school and the peripatetic teacher. If a teacher is absent, the lesson will either be delivered in a “make-up” week at the end of term. At least 1 term of any offer MUST be used for WCIT.


Please see the Peterborough Music Hub Bursaries 2016-17 page for details of the bursaries available and how to apply.

To maximise the number of schools we can reach, schools selecting morning sessions will receive priority for bursary applications with at least one pupil bursary a year ring fenced to each of these schools. Schools selecting afternoon sessions will still be able to apply for bursaries using the application process.