PMH Inclusion Mission Statement  

Peterborough Music Hub, working with all stakeholders, aspires to ensure children and young people in Peterborough can enjoy, participate, learn and progress musically throughout their school life and beyond As a Music Education Hub, all core and extension roles will be approached through the lens of inclusive practice and outcomes 

PMH is working towards this through our comprehensive 4-year inclusion strategy (2021-2025) 

We embrace the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England’s (AMIE) belief that: musically inclusive practice involves making sure young people’s music is HEARD: 

Holistic – placing emphasis on personal, social and musical outcomes 
Equitable – people facing the biggest barriers receive the most support 
Authentic – developed with and informed by the people we do it for   
Representative – the people we work with as participants and colleagues reflect our diverse society 
Diverse – all musical genres, styles, practices are valued equally