PMH Student Instrument Loan Agreement

Peterborough Music Hub (PMH) has a stock of instruments which are available for students to loan either after their Whole Class Instrumental Teaching (WCIT) classes or at another point in their education (eg Secondary school) where they wish to start learning and instrument but do not have their own. Please see the options below:




Free instrument loan

All students

  • ●  Complete the attached form and return to your school.
  • ●  Receive the instrument to use for 1 academic year.
  • ●  You are able to continue loaning your instrument while ever yourinstrumental lessons continue.
  • ●  When you stop having lessons, you return the instrument to theinstrumental teacher, school or PMH.
  • ●  You will receive a renewal form at the end of each academic year.

Instrument Purchase

All students
  • ●  Fill in a purchase request form.
  • ●  Return to instrumental teacher.
  • ●  PMH provide a quote for the instrument at a discounted costcompared to retail prices.
  • ●  Quote is agreed and payment made.
  • ●  PMH orders the instrument and it is delivered via the instrumental teacher.

We ask that you accept responsibility for the safety and security of the instrument whilst in your care and suggest you insure the instrument against loss or damage.

Peterborough Music Partnership will assume responsibility for general maintenance resulting from ‘fair wear and tear’.

We ask you to take responsibility for:

  • Safe-keeping and proper use
  • Replacement of “consumables”: strings, reeds, oil etc.
  • Repairs for damage caused through misuse or neglect
  • The full replacement cost if the instrument is lost or stolen

If you are happy to accept the loan of the instrument on these terms, please complete the online form found by following the link below.