The Peterborough Music Education Hub was established as a result of the National Plan for Music Education and is funded by the Arts Council England.

The organisation is dedicated to making an enjoyable and successful music education accessible to all young people irrespective of their ability to pay.

The Music Hub also seeks to lift the barriers that arise through language, educational, social or cultural issues.

Peterborough Music Hub’s work is guided by:

The New Plan for Music Education 2022

The Power of Music to Change Lives

The Core and Extension roles from the previous 2011 Plan for Music Education have been replaced with the following one vision, three goals and five strategic functions.

One vision
Enable all children and young people to learn, sing, play an instrument and create music together, and have the opportunity to progress their musical interests and talents, including professionally. 

The Three Goals
1. Support schools and other education settings to deliver high-quality music education
2. Support all children and young people to engage with a range of musical opportunities in and out of school.
3. Support young people to develop their musical interests and talent further, including into employment.

The Five Strategic Functions
1. Partnership
2. Schools
3. Progression and Musical Development
4. Inclusion
5. Sustainability

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